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Dressing Tables

Dressing tables are the multitaskers of the home furnishing world. They can be used to get ready for work, for storage inside or on top, or as basic desks. Candles and other basic accessories add a touch of class and elegance to a dressing table and the room as a whole.

Our most basic dressing tables are simple oblong or square stands with built-in drawers. There is enough surface space to meet your needs, with a little space to store clothing or other light items. More ornate models can include shelves and bottom cabinets with more room for storage. Other dressing tables have seating capabilities, resembling small desks or workstations. There are also dresser tables with built-in mirrors. On our website, you can find any type of dresser table you need to fit your unique decorating situation.

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Showing 15 of 52 Items